When one thinks about a relaxing getaway, what does come to mind is the environs of a luxurious, spacious and state-of-the-art country club and casino. A golf course awaits anyone who decides to take a vacation to this desert jewel. It is just a short drive away from Las Vegas, where gambling is illegal, but still people travel there to gamble. One has to wonder what is behind the seemingly strange decision to build a country club and casino in Nevada, the state that outlaws gambling.

Nevada was a no go zone for many years, until people began building golf courses. The more the golf courses opened, the more people flocked to Las Vegas. The people came for the casinos, the shows, the beautiful women, the restaurants, the night life, the luxurious hotels. Now they are coming back for the desert jewel casino and Country club. There is no question that Las Vegas is still Sin City, but many of the people who come there to have other things in mind.

Many have retirement funds, and the stock market has been so depressed that many have lost their jobs. For them, the casinos offer some hope of a second chance. They may be right. But the casino resorts are not in the same league as the stock market, and a second chance does not include living in an environment that may make gambling choices even easier.

Some critics claim that those who frequent Las Vegas will always come back. Some of them have a very good point. After all, what is really attractive about Las Vegas, the gorgeous hotels, the amazing shopping? One would not think of staying in a resort area, no matter how luxurious.

It would be awfully hard to have the same type of play on a country club course. Of course, the courses are designed for the pros, so the pros would play on them. But wouldn’t it be nice to play some golf on one of those courses when the mood took you? When the crowds got too big, and your ball seemed to drop into a hole every time you hit it, you might not be able to concentrate on your golf game any longer. You might start taking golf lessons and find that your swing would improve a great deal.

One of the problems with Las Vegas is its size, and its location. Sure, it is easy to travel to a course close to home, but would you want to travel several hours each way just to play golf? The country club and casino resorts are geared toward the professionals and the serious golfer. They offer courses that are properly sized for tournament play and they have staffs that know exactly how to play certain types of golf and have studied it for years. The course and casino are designed to help you get your game together.

However, if you are a beginner or an old pro, it is still possible to play at the country clubs and casinos. In fact, it may become your favorite place to play. The facilities are first class and the instructors know what they are doing. Some courses allow you to play a couple of games before you must take the real ones, so you can practice your skills and see how good they really are. You can even start your golfing vacation by playing one of the one-day tournaments offered monthly.

If you are trying to find the best golf course in Las Vegas, you may want to check out the Silverton Resort and Spa. The resort has 18 holes of golf, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a restaurant, a bar, and many other amenities. The course is located on the premises, so you don’t have to drive far. What’s more, the fees at the country club and casino are very affordable. You can play for as little as one hour and for as much as three hours, and you can usually find discounted prices if you book your package ahead of time.

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